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What happens if you get your own “passive income system” on truck?
Yes. You will be able to focus on what you truly want to do.

2 ways of increasing asset

  1. Simply do what you love, work hard, make money and increase asset. Although you can’t make a lot of money, you still stay happy which is most importat.
  2. Do what you can do well first, build financial stability, and then do what you love.

But it’s completely up to you! You can do whichever you feel better.
Good example for option 1 is work hard on singer business until become popular, or work on full-time job and do shoe making in weekend, save up little by little, and then buy a first property.
For optionor 2, make tons of money in a short term as a lawyer (or club hostess?), start buying a property, business or stock, have enough passive income, and then focus on your business you love.

In my case, I selected option 2. I succeeded my business first by providing the winning sales system to young people in sales industry, and then flew out to foreign countries with passive income. After I got bored of playing around, made a move to US big law firm and started the different career, different experience and had additional savings that all can be used in the future.

Once your financial foundation is set stably, you will be able to start doing something “what you truly wanted to do”.

“Do property investment!”
“Live in foreign country you love!”
“Learn ○○
“Start-up new business!”
“Spend a slow-life in country side”
“Start small restaurant and serve a meal as best as you can”
“Just focus on hobby” etc…

What would you be excited about?

Ask this if no answer

“What would you like to do if you have no concern about money”

I’d love to imagine something new system or new product while enjoying nature or luxuary atmosphere, and also want to learn something new knowledge through books or internet in a beautiful place like a Capsule Corporation (Bulma’s house in Doragon Ball)♪(^^)
My favorite charactors, Doraemon and Bulma, both relates same keywords “Technology”, “Mechanic”, “System” and “Peace”.
And I realized recently that I’ve actually been doing what I like to do, such as, creating convenient applications and effective system through my online business.
It’s good to know what you are actually interested.

Again, “what would you be excited about?”

Try imaging the situation makes you excited or happy.
It will help you to get out when you are in downward.

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